Model T

Ol’ Henry Ford would be proud of this safe; his time-honored philosophy of simplicity and functionality finds its home here. This rugged and reliable safe comes in one size and one color—a classy, textured granite finish. Its internal hinged door is a remarkable piece of work featuring a four-way active boltwork. The Model T provides high security and excellent quality at Champion’s most economical pricing—a safe all can afford to own.

  • Fire and Security Ratings

    • 1200°F 60-MINUTE Fire Rating
    • Phoenix™ Class I Fire Protection
    • Tested in an ASME Certi?ed Facility
    • UL® Security Rating
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Locking System

    • Sargent & Greenleaf Group Dial Lock


    • Four-Way Active Boltworks
    • Eight, One-Inch Diameter Door Bolts
    • Bolt-Detent™ System
    • Roughneck™ Bolt Guides
  • Interior

    • Plush velour interior
    • Custom Door Bag

    See Interior Configurations Below

    High Security Door

    • 4-1/4″-Thick Double Plate Steel Door™
    • 12-Gauge Outer Steel, Full 14-Gauge Inner
    • 7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge
    • Two Layers of Fire Insulation
    • Internal Ball-Bearing Hinges
    • Champion’s Auto-Relock™ System
    • Sargent & Greenleaf® Dial Lock
    • Three-Spoke Handle w/ Slip Clutch


    • 12-Gauge Steel Body
    • Up to 2″ Thick Composite Walls
    • Double-Steel Door Casement™


Standard Dial

Exterior Color Selections – Textured Granite Only

Sizes and Dimensions

Safe Model Exterior Dimensions Volume (Cubic Ft.) Approx. Weight (lbs.) Outer Shell Thickness Outer Door Thickness Inner Door Thickness Active Door Bolts Gun Capacity
Width Height Depth Total Depth*
MT-21 28" 60" 20" 22-1/2" 20 CF 490 12 ga. 12 ga. 14 ga. 8 - 1" 13
*Total Depth includes 2½" for handle.

Interior Layouts