Regal Series

Build something better! That was our challenge when we designed the Regal Series. We define better to mean, “Improvement throughout all aspects of the safe.” The Regal’s body steel is increased to 11-gauge (.120) steel, 45% stronger than 12-gauge and over four times stronger than the lightweight China safes. The body is reinforced with a Double-Steel Door Casement™. The heart of the Regal is the 5/16″ thick Double-Step™ door. The outer steel is 3/16″ while the full inner steel is 12-gauge, making the door 16 times stronger than the China-built containers. The Regal’s door defense systems include: Superior’s Auto-Relock™ System, Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ and full inner steel liner. Additional features include: four-way active boltworks, clutch drive system, door detent system and a 1500° 75-minute fire rating. The interior’s high-capacity gun racks and shelves are covered in velour. A convenient door organizer with pistol holders and door pockets complete the interior. After careful examination, we are confident you will find Superior’s efforts to build something better are fulfilled in the Regal.

  • Fire and Security Ratings

    • 1500°F 75-Minute Fire Rating
    • Tested in an ASME Certi?ed Facility
    • UL® Security Rating
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Locking System

    • Sargent & Greenleaf® Group II Dial Lock
    • Superior’s Auto-Relock™ System
    • Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™


    • Four-Way Active Boltworks
    • Up to 16, 1-1/4”-Diameter Bolts
    • Door-Detent™ System
    • Roughneck™ Bolt Guides
  • Interior

    • Plush Velour Interior
    • High Capacity Gun Rack
    • Deluxe Door Organizer

    See Interior Configurations Below

    High Security Door

    • 4-1/2″-Thick Composite Door
    • Double-Step Door™
    • 3/16″ Outer Door Steel, 12-Gauge Inner
    • 7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge
    • External Ball-Bearing Hinges
    • Three Layers of Fire Insulation
    • Five-Spoke Handle with Slip Clutch


    • 1-3/8″ – Thick Composite Walls
    • 11-Gauge Steel Walls
    • Up to Three Layers Fire Insulation
    • Double-Steel Door Casement™
    • Two Fire Seals



Standard Dial                                       Optional E-Lock


Exterior Color Selections


Sizes and Dimensions

Safe ModelExterior DimensionsVolume (Cubic Ft.)Approx. Weight (lbs.)Outer Shell ThicknessOuter Door ThicknessInner Door ThicknessActive Door BoltsGun Capacity
WidthHeightDepthTotal Depth*
SR-6050"72"29-1/2"32"59 CF127511 ga.5/16"12 ga.16 - 1-1/4"62
SR-5043"72"29-1/2"32"50 CF107511 ga.5/16"12 ga.16 - 1-1/4"53
SR-3537"60"27'29-1/2"34 cf85011 ga.5/16"12 ga.14 - 1-1/4"46
SR-2531"60"25"27-1/2"25 CF72011 ga.5/16"12 ga.14 - 1-1/4"36
*Total Depth includes 2½" for handle.


Interior Layouts